Have you ever had an interest in guitar build and repair? Or just thought of upgrading your guitar pickups but worried it is too complicated? Here we will guide you and explain step by step on how to do it.

Before we begin please ensure that you are using the correct tools will help prevent you from damaging parts such as screws.

Tools you will need:

    • Soldering iron
    • Solder
    • Philips screwdriver
    • String winder
    • Wire cutters
    • Camera/Phone

Step 1 - Remove the strings (use string winder to speed things up).

Step 2 - Remove the screws from the back covering plate and remove the plate itself (place screws on a secure place so it won't get lost.

Step 3 - Remove the screws from the pickguard and place the screws in a secure place.

Step 4 - Lift the pickguard gently as there will still be wiring holding it, so turn it around gently.

Step 5 - Take pictures and mark the cables to ensure you will know later on where which cable goes. Here is the wiring diagram to give you further information on it.


Step 6 - Use soldering Iron to "free" the wires that lead to pickups.

Step 7 - Use screwdriver to remove pickup screws and remove pickups completely from the pickguard.

Step 8 - Place new pickups to the pickguard and crew them on.

Step 9 - Checking your photos and above wiring diagram solder the wires into its place (cut the wires if too long using wire cutters).

Step 10 - Place the pickguard back carefully so that no wire gets damaged and crew it back to the guitar.

Step 11 - String the guitar with a little help of string winder.

Step 12 - Tune the guitar and be ready to be blasted away by the new sound. 


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Ivan Stakor

Written by Ivan Stakor